How to Consign

Step 1: Register

Pay registration fee.

Select drop off time.

Join our Team (optional).

Step 2: Price & Tag

Gather outgrown items; clean & working batteries; price them to sell.

Step 3: Choose Drop Off Appointment

Bring your tagged items to sale location.

Step 4: Pick Up & Get Paid

Items may also be donated.

Step 1: Register

  • Register & pay online a non-refundable registration fee.
  • Earn 60% of your sales.
  • While logged into your account, select drop off appointment time.
  • Gather & prepare items to sell.

Getting Started Videos

How to Consign

How to Prepare Items

How to Price to Sell

Step 2: Price & Tag

Our easy to use computerized tagging system & consignor support is included in your non-refundable registration fee. Handwritten tags will not be accepted.  If at any time you have problems using the system, please feel free to contact us at It is our desire to keep this process quick and easy for everyone.

  1. Enter items into your inventory & print tags using our online tagging system.
  2. Attach tags to items (while double checking items for quality & recalls)
  3. Have some time and interested in working our sale?  We’re hiring! email for details and an application.
    BONUS: team members shop pre-sale first!

Price Competitively

Clothing is abundant, so price low keeping in mind the $2 minimum.

High Demand Items

Toys, Furniture & Baby Gear are our best sellers!

Stay Organized

Gather items as well as tagging supplies.

Clothing Items Accepted

  • Seasonal clothing for infants to youth sizes preemie to juniors.
  • Maternity & Womens clothing of all sizes.
  • Spring sale accepts spring/summer season clothing.
  • Fall sale accepts fall/winter season clothing.
  • Maternity clothing for all seasons accepted at all sales.

Items We Cannot Accept

  • Recalled items.
  • Drop side cribs or cribs manufactured BEFORE June 28, 2011.
  • Car seats over 5 years old.
  • Bedding & blankets.
  • Clothing in zip loc bags or on wire hangers (plastic only).
  • Clothing that is outdated, out of season, has an unclean odor, faded or with any kind of damage including but not limited to ripped, torn, pilled, dirty or stained.
  • Used undergarments.  New with tags or undergarments in original packaging is accepted.
  • Fast food toys
  • Free books (ex: Imagination Library)
  • VHS movies.


Toys must be clean and in working condition. All battery operated toys must have working batteries. No stuffed animals unless they are interactive in some way.

Baby Gear & Furniture

Be sure all gear is clean, includes all parts and in good working order. We love strollers, baby monitors, car seats, cribs, dressers, changing tables, toddler & youth beds, cradles, high chairs, booster seats, pack & plays, exer-saucers, jumpers, activity centers, walkers, bounce seats, etc.

Designer Handbag Policy

The sale of counterfeit designer handbags or other accessories is illegal and subject to criminal and civil penalties under federal and state laws. Coastal Consignments Inc. prohibits the purchase and sale of counterfeit items at our consignment sale events. Coastal Consignments Inc. will not knowingly purchase, consign or sell an item believed to be counterfeit. In addition, consignors selling a gently used designer handbag or accessory at a Coastal Consignments or Coastal Kids Consignment sale event will be asked to certify that the item is authentic.

Tagging Supplies

  • WHITE cardstock (or coverstock) paper.
  • Tagging gun or safety pins.
  • Hangers (PLASTIC ONLY-no wire hangers). Pick up free or inexpensive by asking local retailers or online (ex: Old Navy, Facebook, Freecycle, WalMart, Dollar Tree and K-Mart)
  • Packing tape and/or painters tape.
  • Zip top bags of various sizes.

*Most of these items available for purchase from us.
Click here to order tagging supplies.

Tagging Clothing

  • Price competitively. Good rule of thumb with pricing clothing & accessories is 25-30% of retail (go higher up to 50% of retail if brand name, new with tags or specialty/seasonal item).
  • Consider marking clothing Discount Yes.  Helps items sell and who wants to bring home outgrown, unsold clothing?  We have LOTS of shoppers who shop early then return on Saturday to look for items marked Discount Yes and buy more.
  • Minimum price is $2.00. Price items in 50 cent increments.  You may group similar items together so they equal $2.00.  If necessary, pin a couple of clothing items together on hangers or put a few small toys together in a zip top bag to reach the minimum.
  • Clothing must be on plastic hangers. Hangers sell with the item and you will not receive the hanger back after the sale.
  • Zip all zippers, button all buttons, snap all snaps, etc.
  • Use a safety pin or a tagging gun (preferred) to secure the tag to the clothing. DO NOT use tape to secure tags to clothing. Place pin or barb in the tag or seam of the item to prevent poking holes in the garment. Clothing with holes will be declined at drop off.

Tagging Non Clothing items

  • Small parts should be placed in a zip top bags. If they belong with a larger item, tape the bag to the other item. Use packing tape; scotch tape won’t hold. Items with missing parts don’t sell.
  • Car seats and booster seats are permitted–flip the car seat over and look at the manufacture date stamped on the tag. If it is more than 5 years old we will not accept the set. There should be at least 12 months left on the seat before expiration to sell it.  Click here for carseat checklist and bring to check in (must have checklist to accept car seat). Manuals are required to sell car seat.
  • Manuals help items sell but are not required (except for car seats). Try They are also available on the manufacturers website for download. Place them in zip loc bag and use packing tape to secure to the item.
  • Multiples–one tag per item so if you have multiple pieces to one item please only enter the item once into the system.  Secure multiple pieces together so the shopper doesn’t miss a piece when they purchase an item.  Email us to discuss how to secure.
  • Video, DVD, or electronic games should be in their original cases with the tags taped to the back of the case using packing tape. These items can be bundled by placing in zip top bags. Please make sure these items are free of scratches and are in working order. No VHS or music CD accepted.
  • Furniture (such as nursery or bedroom) sells great. We ask that if you do not want to assemble it for display that you attach a photograph of it assembled.  We will ask you to assemble though.

Step 3: Choose Drop Off Appointment

  • Choose and schedule a drop off appointment.
    • Log into your online account. Click on “Drop off” Open time slots will appear.
  • Bring tagged items to sale location.
  • If you are selling 300 items or more you must select a check in/drop off time before 3pm.
  • Track your sales & inventory.  At the end of each day we post your sales to your account.

Step 4: Pick Up & Get Paid

  • Pickup unsold items after event is over (pickup info given to sellers at drop off).
  • Any items not picked up by the deadline are donated to charity automatically.
  • Choose to donate your unsold items to charity and we’ll handle donation delivery; you get the receipt and tax deduction. Our local charities thank you!
  • A check will be e-mailed to you within 7 days of the end of the sale.

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