Consign with Coastal Kids

Why Sell with Coastal Kids?

It's Easy!

Set your own prices with no haggling, yard sale work, meeting strangers or online sale hassles.

Don’t have to be present to sell.

Earn Money

Turn those outgrown items into quick cash for debt paydown, family vacation, holiday gift giving or whatever!  Average consignor earns hundreds of dollars (some even over a thousand).

Early shopping

Early access free presale shopping for Consignors + 1!  Now that you’ve cleared the outgrown clutter in your home, shop presale when selection is best & restock the kids closets & play room!

How Consigning Works

Price & Tag

Print tags using our online tagging system then attach tags to items.


Drop Off

Choose drop off appointment from your seller account then bring your tagged items to sale location

Join Our Team

We’re hiring! Bonus: Staff get first dibs with early shopping

Consignor Frequently Asked Questions

When & Where is the sale?
Check our Shop page for sale locations, dates, schedule etc.
How do I become a consignor/seller?

That’s easy, visit our How To Consign page on the website and click on “Consignor Registration” to create your account.

Payments are emailed to you at the end of the sale, so be sure to setup your account under the name & email address you want your check issued.

Complete registration & pay the non-refundable registration fee to participate via PayPal at the time you register. Grab your drop off time slot as soon as you register to get the date/time that works for your family schedule.

Next, gather your supplies & items to sell, prepare them for sale following the tips & directions on our Tagging section.

Finally, select a drop off check-in time to bring in your items (appointment required).

You’ll receive an emailed e-check for 60% of your sales on sold items within 7 days of the sale close.

We have a private Facebook page just for our registered sellers.  This page is a positive support for our sellers to share ideas, ask questions and we even have seller incentives & contest info.  Absolutely NO SELLING on this private page.  Click here to request to join the page and be sure to answer the question and provide your seller # for faster access to the fun!

Why should I sell at this event?

With our event, you are in control of how your item sells (pricing & discounting). Plus you get more money because you, receive the higher percentage of sales price (60%)!  We advertise & promote the event and bring in hundreds & hundreds of shoppers looking for YOUR items!  Some wait in lines for over an hour to get in & check out (purchase) items.  Having done this for over 10 years, we have a HUGE following and attendees drive from over an hour away to come sell & shop our events.

Yard sales are a lot of work for very little money and way too much haggling. Online sites are great…when the person shows up to purchase your item for the asking price and the meeting place is close to you.

We have a private Facebook page just for our registered sellers.  This page is a positive support for our sellers to share ideas, ask questions and we even have seller incentives & contest info.  Absolutely NO SELLING on this private page.  Click here to request to join the page and be sure to answer the question and provide your seller # for faster access to the fun!

Where do I sign up for drop off of my items?

When you register as a consignor/seller, you will see “drop off” and all open time slots will appear.  Pick a time that fits your schedule.  Bring your items (tagged, clean and ready to go on the sales floor) to your appointment.  **We strongly recommend registering for the drop off appointment at the time you register as a seller to insure you get the date/time that works for your family’s schedule.  Early morning, lunch time and evening appointments fill up very quickly. If your plans change, you can always go back & change your drop off time until the tagging deadline when the sale locks.

What’s a good price for my items… how do I know?
Normally around 25-30% of retail for clothing. High demand items such as baby gear and boutique brand clothing can go 40-50% of retail if in new condition. Gymboree and Carters are NOT boutique brands. Price clothing competitively since they are in abundance. Toys (indoor & outdoor), furniture, baby gear, etc. are in high demand and normally sell for a higher percentage than clothing. Remember we have a $2 price minimum. Similar items can be combined to meet the $2 minimum. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself…how much would I pay for this item? Research the internet and e-bay for retail costs too. Everyone is getting a good deal by selling and shopping with us! Click here for a list of pricing suggestions but remember…you are in control of how to price your items and this list is merely a suggestion.
How do I tag my items?

See our How To Consign page for more information on tagging.

We use a computerized tagging system which saves sellers tons of time and money!  Our consignors love the computerized system.

  • No handwritten tags will be accepted.
  • $2.00 minimum on items. Find similar items and group them together.
Do I have to be present to sell?

No.  Once you drop off your items, we handle the rest.  The success of our sale relies heavily on the assistance of our Team Members.  We hire for every sale season.  If interested in working the sale (& shopping earlier) email

How can I tell if my items have sold?

No need to wait until the sale is over…at the end of each day of the sale, we will update seller accounts with what has sold to date. On the last day of the sale, after we have closed to the public, we will update accounts so you can see what unsold items you have to pick up.  Log into your account and click on View Settlement Report to see what has sold and how much money you’ve made so far. 

What if my items don't sell?

If by chance something doesn’t sell you have the option (when you tag the item) to choose to either donate the item or pick it up at the end of the sale. Mark the tag donate No & pick up the item then sell it at our next sale event. If you decide to donate, we’ll handle delivering the donation to charity for you but you get the tax deduction and can print out an inventory report of donated items from your seller account after the sale ends for tax purposes.

When do I pick up items that haven’t sold that I don’t want to donate?

All unsold items that won’t be donated must be picked up on the last day after the sale closes at the time & date designated in your consignor agreement. This date & time can also be found on the shopping schedule page of the location. Any items not picked up will become the property of Coastal Consignment, Inc. We do not have the facility after this time or the storage to hold items for you. No exceptions!

You MAY have someone else pick up your items for you. Please let us know ahead of time the name of the person you’re sending and tell them to bring their ID so that we may release your items.  Be sure they have access to your online seller account so they can run an unsold item report and know what to pick up.  Sellers pull their own items off the sales floor, pile on table & our staff verify you’ve pulled your own items and not another sellers item.

Is there anything I can’t sell?

Drop side cribs, Stuffed animals (unless they do something or talk).  Winter clothing will not be accepted for the Spring/Summer sale (and vice-versa).  Clothing in zip loc bags; all clothing (ex: onsies) MUST be on hangers as they just don’t sell in bags.
Also, anything that has been recalled. Visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website to learn more.  You are the reseller and responsible for verifying compliance with the law. We are here to help too.

Is there a minimum or maximum to what I can sell?

We ask that each consignor bring a minimum of 50 or more items. This will earn you a pass to shop our pre-sale.

Do I get my hanger back when clothes sell?

No; clothes sell with the hanger. You can find inexpensive hangers at the dollar & discount stores.  Some stores will give them away if you ask.  We suggest recycling those hangers you get when you buy new clothing to save money and the environment!  Please use appropriate size hangers.  Sloppy clothes on hangers won’t sell.  REMINDER: NO WIRE HANGERS, PLASTIC ONLY. Metal hooks on hangers are ok.

Where can I find out what’s involved in becoming a Team Member?
Visit our Team member page to find out how to become a Team Member.

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