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Thank you for your interest in working at our Coastal Kids Sales.  We strive to provide excellent customer service to our consignors & our shoppers.  By joining our team, you’ll be joining an amazing group of parents who love our sales and having fun all while working to bring together an amazing sales experience.

Each sale season, we hire part time, seasonal staff to work our events and perform various tasks. Anyone can apply to work our sales, you do not have to be a consignor to apply.  Our consignors are not required to work the sales but working has it perks!

Shop before everyone else

Staff who work a minimum of 10 hours shop before our first ticketed presale time slot.

Receive additional Team Member benefits

  • Employees are paid hourly and receive their emailed paycheck within 7 days of event close. Direct deposit & other payment options available through our E-check provider.
  • Coastal Kids gear & apparel.
  • Early access to Discount Day deals.
  • 5% Friday shopping discount.
  • Meet & connect with other local moms & dads.

Team Member Information

Sales floor setup: setup & assemble racks, tables, signs, shelving, etc. Light lifting up to 50lbs required. 

Consignor drop off processing: assist consignors bringing items into the building; work with “lead checkers” to inspect for damaged items and stains; verify items requiring batteries are in working condition; once inspection is complete, organize items by similarity and place on floor in their proper place.

Sales clerks: during public sale hours, assist in keeping sales floor neatly organized, isles clear and items in their proper place. Assist shoppers in locating items, sizes, provide shopping bags to them or any assistance needed. Monitor sales floor for safety & watch for children climbing on toys, racks, etc.

Checkout: assist cashiers by bagging items, return items to the sales floor, match tags and items if separated, help shoppers take items to their cars.

Sale breakdown: break down and dismantle racks, shelving, signs, etc. Load these items onto our trucks. Light lifting up to 50lbs required.

End of sale pass back: assist consignors in locating their unsold items on the sales floor and verify that consignor has only grabbed their own items and hasn’t accidentally grabbed another consignor number. Once checked, if needed, assist consignors in taking the unsold items to their cars.


On Time

All team members must be on time and fulfill their entire shift to receive their team member benefits as well as insure proper & constant floor coverage for customers.

No Children Please

Infants and children are not permitted to accompany you during your shift(s).  Please plan accordingly.


Shifts 6+ hours are given a 30 minute break.  Some of our facilites have a snack bar, some do not. We always provide a cooler with complimentary water bottles for our staff.  Pizza & drinks provided during  drop off shifts only.  Please plan accordingly.  We encourage you to bring snacks or lunch to suit your dietary needs.

Short on time but want to assist & shop early?

If assisting during sale hours doesn’t fit in your schedule there are other things that need to be done “behind the scenes.” 

You MUST email vicki@coastal-kids.com or text 410-603-3925 to sign up for these opportunities. We only have a few of these opportunities available.

Media Coverage

Do you have contacts or work in the media (TV, Radio or Newspaper) and can pull some strings to cover our event?Please email us with your contact info and more details on what is involved.

Flyer Distribution

Assist in distributing flyers to area businesses, schools and daycare facilities. We have a master list of places to distribute and will give you the flyers and places to distribute….just need you to come pick them up and deliver!

Yard Signs

Assist in posting and keeping track of 6 yard signs near busy roads, schools or family friendly businesses. Please ask before you post a sign in yards or places of business. Post the signs before the sale, pull them after the sale, and return them to us on the last day of sale during consignor unsold item pickup. We ask that the signs to be returned to us to keep our community clean of trash as well as we recycle the signs & metal legs for future events. We have a master list of places to post the signs and are always open to suggestions.

Snacks and Drinks

Help us keep our staff hydrated & well fed!  They work hard during sale week and yummy snacks & drinks are needed.  Examples include: case of water bottles and case of sodas, or pre-packaged HEALTHY, snacks such as individually packaged fruits, veggies, pretzels, animal crackers, etc. Please email or text (details above) to sign up for this opportunity.  We cannot accept a “drop off” of snacks & drinks without prior arrangements.

Team Member Frequently Asked Questions

When & Where is the sale?
Check our Shop page for sale locations, dates, schedule etc.
Where can I find the employment application?

Visit our Team member Sign Up page to sign up.

How am I compensated and how does this work?

Please consider this commitment carefully and make sure you are available before you sign up. Because we rely heavily on our team members and their assistance in maintaining a high quality sales event, we hope you understand our need for such policies. All team members must be on time and complete their entire shift to receive Team Member benefits as well as insure proper & constant floor coverage for customers.

Anyone can apply for employment by clicking the link on our Team Members page.  Employment is for part time, seasonal work and at will.  Training will be provided prior to your shift(s) or at the start of your shift(s). Staff are paid hourly based on experience and duties performed.  Returning staff fill the schedule with new hires brought on each sale season as needed.  We are an equal opportunity employer.

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